Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Find the Best Singing Coach For You

Singers tend to get all of the glory. They get the applause, they get the attention and they get the awards. However, one thing that they didn't get is there on their own. In fact, the great singers always credit their singing coach with helping them to attain greatness. It is easy for anyone to claim that they are a top notch singing instructor, but what truly makes a wonderful singing coach?
Singing coaches come in a variety of different disciplines. Some of them specialize in classical techniques, while others prefer pop music, and others prefer the Broadway genre. In order to find the best one for you, you must determine what type of singer you want to be. If your dream is to sing opera working with an R&B singing coach will not necessarily prepare you for the demands of your chosen music field.
Next you will want to take a look at the educational background of your prospective singing coach. You want someone who has a technical background in music. Ideally, you want someone who has a master's degree in music. However, at the least you want someone that has a bachelor's degree in vocal performance. That degree will certify that they have gone through the necessary training to tell you what to do and how to do it safely.
Professional experience is also important in evaluating a singing coach. The old saying may say "those who can't do teach," but that is not what you want in a singing coach. Instead, you want someone who has had experience in what they are teaching you to do. Ideally, if they have had extensive performance training that is what you want. However, extensive teaching experience may be another indicator of a good teacher. See if you can get some reference letters from students or colleagues to give you an idea of their professional prowess.
How much a singing coach charges is important to many people as well. Unfortunately, we are living in difficult economic times and that means that not everyone can afford extra lessons. Generally singing lessons range from half hour sessions to a full hour. Typically singing teachers charge a dollar a minute which means that your lesson could cost you as much as $60 an hour if not more.
For some aspiring singers this is simple not possible. In those cases you may want to look for a singing coach in a setting other than a private lesson. Some teachers offer group lessons. This type of lesson includes several different people at a much more affordable lesson rate. While you will not get the individualized attention of a private lesson you will still get the education that you are looking for.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exciting Central Florida Attractions

There are many Central Florida attractions available in Polk County, but every Spring it's aviation that takes the spotlight. For one week, thousands of aviation enthusiasts come to Sun 'n Fun Fly In, one of the largest airplane conventions, trade shows, and events worldwide. Many pilots fly their own planes to Sun 'n Fun, a unique way to experience a Central Florida vacation! But even if you can't enjoy the Central Florida attractions of Sun 'n Fun from the cockpit of your own vintage aircraft, there is still a wealth of fun things to do. Central Florida residents also love this fun event.
A Central Florida Vacation to Sun 'n Fun
If you are coming in from out of town, you don't want to miss Sun 'n Fun. Whether you arrive via your own plane, a commercial flight, or plan to drive, ensure that you have the dates right and have rented a car, accommodations, and any other necessities long enough to fully enjoy your time. Once you have settled the basic logistics, you can get to the fun part - planning what you're going to do!
Viewing the restored warbirds that come in for Sun 'n Fun is one of the best Central Florida attractions. These planes are hand-restored historical relics, many of them restored to peak flight condition and displayed exactly as they would have been waiting on the tarmac years ago. You'll see every variety of plane, from WWI and WWII bombers to more modern civilian aircraft. There are competitions for the best planes from a number of different classes, highlighting just how many planes come in every year.
Educational Central Florida Attractions
Sun 'n Fun also emphasizes the amazing educational value that aeronautics can have. This event features more than 400 different presentations and forums, many of them hands-on. These are targeted at veteran pilots and new flyers alike, and include offerings of interest specifically for kids! Sun 'n Fun is truly an event for the entire family.
After a day of learning about planes, enjoy activities from the social to the spectacular. Many pilots camp with their planes and are happy to chat about them or let you take pictures with them. There are also demonstration flights, including a night airshow, that will astonish anyone who loves aircraft. People looking to build or refurbish a plane will enjoy the Parts Exchange, a massive consignment opportunity that can offer some incredibly rare parts.
Never A Lack Of Things To Do During Sun 'n Fun
Even if you want to leave the main campus, the entertainment goes on at offsite events like Mustangs & Mustangs and the Splash-In. Mustangs & Mustangs brings together the WWII fighter planes and the Ford automobiles from all eras in the only event of its kind, including demonstrations, photo opportunities, and more. The Splash-In is a unique opportunity to observe some of the most innovative amphibious craft take off and land in the water. All kinds of rare craft will be featured here, and you'll get a chance to talk with pilots afterward.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to Answer Commonly Asked Telephonic Questions

Telephonic interviews have a particular format. Generally, such interviews are arranged to know your competence. The way you face this interview, make you win or lose the job. Prepare for the common interview questions which generally are regarding your attitude and personality. Here are some of them.
1) Why do you want to leave current job?
This interview question is very tricky and you must answer this question calmly but firmly. Do not blame your previous company for internal politics, low salary package and such other reasons. It is the most unprofessional approach towards your company. You can answer such questions mentioning career scope, learning environment and larger exposure. Some negative reasons like salary increment, monetary benefits should be avoided.
2) What is your current designation?
Here you are supposed to mention the nature of your work. So, just mention your duties and responsibilities. Do not boast while answering this question. Instead, you can mention your experience in this firm and work profile.
3) When will you join if you are selected?
You have to give clear idea about the approximate date of joining. You must inform about the formalities to be completed at your previous company. So, mention the reason and have enough time to sum up your previous job.
4) Introduce yourself:
The most frequently asked question is: tell me about yourself. You should include three basic points while answering this question.
- Personal background: mention your hometown, parents and their occupation. Do not be too narrative while mentioning this. If you have a big family, do not provide details of every candidate.
- Vocational and educational qualification: Mention your educational qualification, professional courses done and achievements. It is not necessary to specify marks of every course of yours but maintain your self esteem while mentioning some extra ordinary performances in your academics.
- Experience and career profile: Talk about your experience and mention the name /names of all the organizations you have worked for. Mention your designation and career profile there. You can name some good projects handled by you while working there.
5) Weaknesses and strengths:
This question is almost asked at every interview. So, be prepared for the question. Do not mention laziness, ill-tempered attitude or lack of confidence as your drawback. You can mention some of your emotional drawbacks like sentimental, introvert etc. You can mention your realistic drawbacks like unable to adopt specific skill.
While mentioning your strength, do not boast. Give an honest reply to this question. Positive attitude, hard working nature, learn from mistakes, problem solving ability, helping nature, team player, excellent interpersonal skills etc are some of ideal answers.
Be true to yourself: that is the most brilliant way to reply effectively. Have extensive knowledge of your subject and keep your general knowledge updated. Adopt proper manners and communicational skills. Face the telephonic interview confidently and start preparing for the next round. All the best for your career search.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Video Editing Degrees

Video editors edit film, film soundtracks, and video for motion picture and soundtrack recording industries, publishing industries, advertising, and educational services. From editing shot sequences and developing post-production models to collaborating with music editors and conducting film screenings, video editors work with producers, directors, and technical staff on all facets of a production. Depending on the industry and type of production, video editors may supervise and coordinate the activities of workers involved in assembling, editing and recording activities.
In order to become a video editor, you will need at least a bachelor's degree in film studies or film, digital film & video, video production, or digital film making & video production. The degree must be from an accredited college or university, design school, art & design school, or film school. A technical certificate or associate degree is adequate for assistant or support positions, junior video editing, or other entry-level positions; however, most employers prefer a bachelor's degree or higher for anything outside of a support positions.
If you are interested in a career in video editing, you're in luck. The industry is expected to grow by 12.7%, or 2,707 annual job openings, between now and 2016. To get started all you need to do is choose a learning format - online or on-campus. If you are a working student and flexibility is necessary, the online format is a good choice. An online video editing degree program will allow you to work on completing your degree while working in the field or other position. You may log on any time of the day or night to complete the required coursework.
Coursework for an online video editing program should be the same as a traditional (on-campus) program. A quality, accredited online video editing degree program will include courses such as avant garde film, final cut pro, media aesthetics, storyboarding, video art, and video lighting and color.