Monday, August 27, 2012

20 Ways to Obtain More Time

In light of Mike Dillard's webinar and product on what's working now in internet marketing, I would like to pose a few questions for about your use of time for self examination and the give you 20 ways to create more time, and take control of the time you have. Mike Dillard magnetic sponsoring has been a fundamental key in anyone's actually making and conserving time in the internet world and has been a breakthrough for many marketers.
How often do you take the things that are truly important to you and focus in on those?
* Every day
* On weekends
* Hardly Ever
During a typical day do you?
* Do what you planned to Do?
* Follow a forced routine gets in the way of plans?
* Respond impulsively to whatever interruptions come along?
At the end of the day have you?
* Accomplished those important things?
* Finished the needed work, perhaps poorly?
* Had no time for what really matters?
If you answered the second or third options for most of the questions posed, do not despair.
Many people feel they are just rushing through life, devouring information, and if employed and have a family, just meeting the needs and demands that others impose. Its one crisis after another. You may even feel that you are not even experiencing life in this world.
The circumstances do not really change. The care still has to be fixed, the kids taken to the doctor and do on.
You tell yourself that this is all temporary and things will change. It will get better. But when? Is there an opening in your schedule today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Realistically the world will not slow down. You will possibly need more control in your life in order to overcome these challenges.
To have more time for what matters, you'll have to know what does really matter. What are your goals and values? To evaluate what your values are and define your goals that you will use to obtain them.
Your values can be anything from family to work and education. Your goals must align with your values and become the means to the end for your values, since goals can be temporary as they are achieved and values are much more eternal.
Decide which goals are important to you as you write them, and make sure they are compatible with your values. Goals such as spending more time with your family, having a cool hobby, reading a book, or even writing a book can all be considered, but if your goal is to become extremely rich, you are likely setting yourself up for potential conflict.
As your goals are set, consider the activities that will help you to reach a goal. For example if one of your goal is to lose weight, then exercising is an activity that will help you do that.
How can this Analysis help you spend more time wisely?
If your goals harmonize with your values and you carry out the activities that carry out the goals that you have set, you would have aligned yourself with spending more time on what really matters. This will not happen overnight of course, but will be a process that far into the future.
Now we would have to move from just optimistic theory to real practice.
1. Keep a daily to do list. Mike Dillard talked about this on his webinar. Writing five things down every day that you must accomplish.
2. Schedule your most important tasks. Its better to find time later for the less important ones.
3. Schedule less. This would seem to conflict with the other ways, but if you schedule too much in one day you will be setting yourself up for failure.
4. Have time wasting awareness. How much of your time is spent on interruptions and unimportant browsing and channel surfing?
5. Set goals over which you do actually have control. Going for a promotion at work will only give you minimal satisfaction as you go about reaching more income.
6. Know that you will not have time for everything in the world. There is just too much information and information ignorance will benefit you in saving time.
7. Sync your calendars, pdfs, cells, or Google schedule. Some have syncable software or just make sure they carry their calendar with them always.
8. Make sure you have an action plan. Having things written in order will keep it together for you.
9. Allow time for unexpected things to creep up. At least 15 minutes between appointment, and longer if more travel time is needed will give you leeway for things that come up.
10. Don't be a perfectionist. Know when its time to move on or put a project to the side.
11. Force yourself to work now. Don't wait for right mood or time. Make it happen as a professional and consistent.
12. Think on paper. Write down problems, face them, and list ways to minimize them.
13. Apply the 80/20 rule. Your production will be generated by only %20 of your work as a rule of thumb.
14. Use transition time. Use that travel or waiting in line time on something valuable that can build your own value and education.
15. Do the worst thing first. The most boring or time consuming activity may need to be taken out first to move on to better things.
16. Schedule the most demanding metal or physical work for a time when you are most energetic and able to function better.
17. Take time to recharge and get away. Many times rest and relaxation is just needed to take things on. When you come back, you'll be more relaxed and focused instead of nervous and tense.
18. Minimize those interruptions. Every phone call or email need not be answered or read if it takes you out of your rhythm of production.
19. Be flexible. Change of plans is going to need to be enabled.
20. Keep your mindset simple and on the bigger picture. If you've got to build a list of customers, you'll have to focus in, and know what the next step and the step after that is, not getting sidetracked.
Making time for what matters with value, goals, and consistent action activities will help the time work in your favor so you'll be singing "time its on my side" over and over some day.
The Mike Dillard magnetic sponsoring e-book can help many to start on spending a lot of time on growth, but in the long run it saves a lot of time in doing things the hard way. There are no shortcuts but building a foundation for a business plan will certainly start with this outline if you are planning on utilizing the fundamentals of Facebook, YouTube, and other forms of advertising that has been so leveraged by top internet marketers on the web.
My personal belief has been raised for having more time in the near future due to the simplistic teaching of Mike Dillard and magnetic sponsoring affiliate products. I hope yours has been as well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Be a Statistic and Become One of the 97% of Network Marketers Making 3 Deadly Mistakes

After 10 years in the industry, I wanted to show you the three deadly mistakes 97% of the network marketers make, and the choice will be yours, you can fix them or you will be a statistic. Let me say, that I had made these mistakes too when I first started out, but I overcome them and so can you. Know that if you did not know, you will now and you can make changes.
The number one mistake is that they have a mindset that they will make millions overnight. They totally dismiss the work that you have to do to build a network marketing business. I will tell you with my experience, even today, I feel I am invincible and I can do it overnight, but I take a reality check and know it will take longer. Now, remember, if it was that easy, why would the company need you? Do you honestly believe everyone in the company is a bunch of bumbling idiots and you are better? Now, yes, your past may give you an edge, but there are lots of people out there like you. Yes, network marketing allows you to compress time, but it is not a fairy granting everyone wishes. This is one of the reasons that you will see a large attrition rate in any business, because a lot of people that join you will be in this like mindset.
The second mistake is that marketers do not invest in knowledge. Let me give you the example that today, you woke up and you were having pains in your side and it was something that brought tears to your eyes to battle through the pain. You decided that you needed to go see a doctor because you knew it was kidney stones. So you rush down to the closest doctor and said you were in significant pain. As the nurse walked you into the examining room you noticed it was a young man or woman about 18 years of age. You told the nurse that someone was in the room and she said, no that is fine that was the doctor. You would think they were joking and laugh, but the nurse told you seriously that they decided the night before to be a doctor.
That would be insane and you would walk out. Now, since most marketers span in age and experiences, how long did you take to learn your current career? Do you do it flawless and perfect and you could not change a thing to become better? No. we all are learning. Now, this is where I laugh, because I have seen what many networking companies offer for training and it is a combination of infomercial and high school pep rally. I know, because I train people every day and where they come from is the exact place where you may be struggling with. You need to invest in your training. If you cut this short, you are doing yourself a dis-service. You want to know tools, approaches, how to market, where your customers are at and how to put the product in the right peoples hands.
The last mistake, and these are not in any specific order, but it is that you are a marketer and you need to market. Most people come into the industry and they focus on just networking. Well that is only a piece of what you do. Let me say, if you are networking, you could go to a pub and meet great people, you can go to a civic organization and you can network, you can go to a sporting event and network. But how many of these people are really having a need, want and desire for what you have? This is where you forgot half of what you do. If you had a product for women and went to a football game, there are more men than women, is that a good use of your time?
Now that you know the pitfalls, you have a choice. What leads to success will be if you take the time and work, get educated and then take the education forward to network market and you will see success.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Internet Marketing Training

Internet marketing training is something every Internet business owner needs. When you first start out learning how to market a business online this type of training is invaluable.
As your business begins to mature you need to continually stay current on what is going on in the Internet marketing world. In many ways you will never totally get away from training for online marketing. In this article we will focus on how to market a business online and using training for Internet marketing to do it.
You can basically break marketing an online business and to 2 types of advertising.
1. Paid advertising.
2. Free advertising.
It will be important to you master and least a couple forms of meaningful Internet marketing strategies. It makes sense that you learn at least one good tactic on free advertising and one good method of paid advertising.
If you want to get the fastest results on paid marketing you should be utilizing pay per click advertising. This often starts with setting up a PPC campaign with Google Adwords.
There is a skill to doing this type of promotion and you definitely want to get training on it before you jump in with both feet. Google isn't the only game in town and you can find good discounts on other PPC search engines or even social networking sites such as Facebook.
Other Internet marketing training you will have to spend a little money on would include how to program an autoresponder and do email marketing. It could also include other types of paid advertising including ezine marketing, classified ads, traffic exchanges, directory submissions, and more.
When you look at free advertising using article marketing in a couple of different ways is important. Having content articles written, or doing it yourself is an important part of the Internet training you should learn.
Articles can be used in blogs and submitted through social networking sites. They can also be submitted to article directories online which give you valuable back links and search engine spider bait.
All of this may sound overwhelming, but it's comforting to know that you can learn everything about Internet marketing. It doesn't take a special degree or college education to do it either.
It is worth investing in some education as opposed to doing trial and error methods. You will often spend more money trying things that fail than you would if you would just paid to be properly trained to begin with.
In summary as we look at Internet marketing training, and how to market a business online, you can see you have some learning to do. However in this case the end does justify the means.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Porn Blocking Software

Porn blocking software is a fantastic tool to protect your children from pornographic websites or other inappropriate content. What is this "other inappropriate content?" It should be up to you, as a parent, to decide what that definition is. Whether it be a website on how to make weapons such as bombs or makeshift guns, or websites about how to enlarge a man's penis with a magic pill, it should be up to you to decide.
There is a lot of pornographic material on the internet. In fact, it has been cited that a full 12 percent of websites are dedicated to porn which is, unsurprisingly, a multi-billion dollar industry. Further, hundreds of new sites that have porn are created every minute! This fact is very important to remember when you look for porn blocking software because of how the software works.
Most porn blocking software works by checking the URL of a webpage against a database that contains a list of URLs that have been known to have questionable content.
A "URL" is short for "Universal Resource Locator" but it is the text that is found in your browser's address bar. For example, Google's URL is, Yahoo's URL is, and so on. With this in mind, there is a gaping hole in the security and effectiveness on many porn blocking software programs. These software programs are only as good as the list it keeps. This means that these hundreds of new sites that have harmful content may not be in your porn blocking software's latest database as it only checks the URL and not the content of the webpage.
It bears repeating that the very common drawbacks of all porn blocking software are these: they only check the URLs of a webpage and not the actual webpage and it is nearly impossible to keep up with the hundreds of new harmful sites that are created each minute so it is highly likely that your software's database is already out of date. This is why you get frustrated when you receive an email that shows men how they can enlarge their penis or when you are surfing the internet and a very graphic pop-up is shown even after you have installed your software program. Your porn blocking software may be working just fine but it is most probable that it is just out of date.
None of this is to scare you into thinking parents and even school administrators in charge of the library's computers have no recourse and porn blocking software is a bad idea. It is not a bad idea and it is better than to have no protection at all. Rather, there are guidelines and features you must have in mind when you are looking for software programs to protect your children. Good ones are out there and they are not all created equal. Do your homework and be educated. Doing so is the best way to know what is best for you and your kids.