Monday, August 20, 2012

Don't Be a Statistic and Become One of the 97% of Network Marketers Making 3 Deadly Mistakes

After 10 years in the industry, I wanted to show you the three deadly mistakes 97% of the network marketers make, and the choice will be yours, you can fix them or you will be a statistic. Let me say, that I had made these mistakes too when I first started out, but I overcome them and so can you. Know that if you did not know, you will now and you can make changes.
The number one mistake is that they have a mindset that they will make millions overnight. They totally dismiss the work that you have to do to build a network marketing business. I will tell you with my experience, even today, I feel I am invincible and I can do it overnight, but I take a reality check and know it will take longer. Now, remember, if it was that easy, why would the company need you? Do you honestly believe everyone in the company is a bunch of bumbling idiots and you are better? Now, yes, your past may give you an edge, but there are lots of people out there like you. Yes, network marketing allows you to compress time, but it is not a fairy granting everyone wishes. This is one of the reasons that you will see a large attrition rate in any business, because a lot of people that join you will be in this like mindset.
The second mistake is that marketers do not invest in knowledge. Let me give you the example that today, you woke up and you were having pains in your side and it was something that brought tears to your eyes to battle through the pain. You decided that you needed to go see a doctor because you knew it was kidney stones. So you rush down to the closest doctor and said you were in significant pain. As the nurse walked you into the examining room you noticed it was a young man or woman about 18 years of age. You told the nurse that someone was in the room and she said, no that is fine that was the doctor. You would think they were joking and laugh, but the nurse told you seriously that they decided the night before to be a doctor.
That would be insane and you would walk out. Now, since most marketers span in age and experiences, how long did you take to learn your current career? Do you do it flawless and perfect and you could not change a thing to become better? No. we all are learning. Now, this is where I laugh, because I have seen what many networking companies offer for training and it is a combination of infomercial and high school pep rally. I know, because I train people every day and where they come from is the exact place where you may be struggling with. You need to invest in your training. If you cut this short, you are doing yourself a dis-service. You want to know tools, approaches, how to market, where your customers are at and how to put the product in the right peoples hands.
The last mistake, and these are not in any specific order, but it is that you are a marketer and you need to market. Most people come into the industry and they focus on just networking. Well that is only a piece of what you do. Let me say, if you are networking, you could go to a pub and meet great people, you can go to a civic organization and you can network, you can go to a sporting event and network. But how many of these people are really having a need, want and desire for what you have? This is where you forgot half of what you do. If you had a product for women and went to a football game, there are more men than women, is that a good use of your time?
Now that you know the pitfalls, you have a choice. What leads to success will be if you take the time and work, get educated and then take the education forward to network market and you will see success.

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