Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exciting Central Florida Attractions

There are many Central Florida attractions available in Polk County, but every Spring it's aviation that takes the spotlight. For one week, thousands of aviation enthusiasts come to Sun 'n Fun Fly In, one of the largest airplane conventions, trade shows, and events worldwide. Many pilots fly their own planes to Sun 'n Fun, a unique way to experience a Central Florida vacation! But even if you can't enjoy the Central Florida attractions of Sun 'n Fun from the cockpit of your own vintage aircraft, there is still a wealth of fun things to do. Central Florida residents also love this fun event.
A Central Florida Vacation to Sun 'n Fun
If you are coming in from out of town, you don't want to miss Sun 'n Fun. Whether you arrive via your own plane, a commercial flight, or plan to drive, ensure that you have the dates right and have rented a car, accommodations, and any other necessities long enough to fully enjoy your time. Once you have settled the basic logistics, you can get to the fun part - planning what you're going to do!
Viewing the restored warbirds that come in for Sun 'n Fun is one of the best Central Florida attractions. These planes are hand-restored historical relics, many of them restored to peak flight condition and displayed exactly as they would have been waiting on the tarmac years ago. You'll see every variety of plane, from WWI and WWII bombers to more modern civilian aircraft. There are competitions for the best planes from a number of different classes, highlighting just how many planes come in every year.
Educational Central Florida Attractions
Sun 'n Fun also emphasizes the amazing educational value that aeronautics can have. This event features more than 400 different presentations and forums, many of them hands-on. These are targeted at veteran pilots and new flyers alike, and include offerings of interest specifically for kids! Sun 'n Fun is truly an event for the entire family.
After a day of learning about planes, enjoy activities from the social to the spectacular. Many pilots camp with their planes and are happy to chat about them or let you take pictures with them. There are also demonstration flights, including a night airshow, that will astonish anyone who loves aircraft. People looking to build or refurbish a plane will enjoy the Parts Exchange, a massive consignment opportunity that can offer some incredibly rare parts.
Never A Lack Of Things To Do During Sun 'n Fun
Even if you want to leave the main campus, the entertainment goes on at offsite events like Mustangs & Mustangs and the Splash-In. Mustangs & Mustangs brings together the WWII fighter planes and the Ford automobiles from all eras in the only event of its kind, including demonstrations, photo opportunities, and more. The Splash-In is a unique opportunity to observe some of the most innovative amphibious craft take off and land in the water. All kinds of rare craft will be featured here, and you'll get a chance to talk with pilots afterward.

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